Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Status of Things & Blog Reminder

Our homestudy is done and approved by our agency. Our I-800A was processed and we received fingerprint appointments; we had to send them back with a reschedule date request because our daughter is in another state for college and can only do them on Friday, so we should have new appointments in the mail this week. We've sent for new police background checks so they'll be current-we usually get them back in about five days. Our accountant is mailing us a letter to verify my husband's self-employed status. So I think that means that once the prints are done, we'll have everything ready to go to the state. Our state is super efficient, so that's about a one hour visit.

Also, just want to remind you that we keep a family website at http://gentleyears.weebly.com and this is where I do regular blog updates. I had to create the google identity in order to follow other people on their blogs. Oh, and thanks for following!

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Aus said...

You know I check them both - but I thought the other was down a couple days ago - regardless - way to go on the process!

hugs - aus and co.